September 22, 2008

Good day, team,

In the midst of all the bad financial news that came our way last week, a small ray of light was given to my husband and me yesterday by a dear friend. It’s a quote from Virgil that she printed on a lovely card using a letter press. Words from this famous poet, born in 70 BCE (before the common era), brought to life with ancient printing techniques, enlightened our day and gave us some much-needed perspective.

Here is the quote:

“First the sky and the earth and the flowing fields of the sea, the shining orb of the moon and the titan sun, the stars; an inner spirit feeds them, coursing through all their limbs, mind stirs the mass and their fusion brings the world to birth.”

I offer this as your challenge this week: to remember what’s really important in your life. The price of gasoline and groceries may continue to rise, but where there is love and peace in your life, there you are most rich. And no matter how major these events all seem, we are still just a speck in the greater universe.

Above all, human beings have an amazing ability to survive even the most dire circumstances. Last evening at my husband’s birthday party, I felt that the love, kinship, and kindness of friends and family is worth so much more than any material thing we possess. And, in our everyday struggles, we find that asking for and receiving help from others is such a great gift.

This week, remember what is most important in your life and don’t be afraid to tell others. Think of Virgil’s words: He reminds us that each day is a rebirth as the world continues to re-create itself. And as our relationships with each other continue to feed us, we are renewed and revitalized to meet whatever challenges come our way.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Doyle-White
Pathfinders Coaching
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