Sara McHugh

COO, Publishing Company

Chad Berkley

VP, Engineering

Kathleen has been an integral part of my leadership team for nearly three years. She has personally coached me and my team as well as providing a solid platform during our quarterly team meetings to help us discuss and action the trickiest of problems. Kathleen brings a very high level of professionalism as well as a personal touch to all of her coaching.

Lorna Henri

VP, Customer Success

Kathleen’s wealth of experience and calm, yet incisive insights are incredibly helpful in navigating new roles, new cultures and improving team dynamics. Working with Kathleen was helpful not only to me personally but also for my leadership team. I highly recommend working with Kathleen!

Jock Mackinlay

Technical Fellow

I started working with Kathleen Doyle-White, an executive coach, at an opportune time: the start of a significant expansion of my team. Her most important coaching contribution was to educate me about the DiSC personality assessment tool, which helped me to be a much more effective mentor of my leadership and collaborator with my peers.

Carol Brummer

Head of People Operations

I am very pleased to recommend Kathleen to individuals seeking leadership coaching as well as to leadership teams looking to add resources to their development tool belts. As EVP Human Resources for Move, Inc. I engaged Kathleen on behalf of the team for a variety of assignments over the course of close to ten years. Her 1:1 and team coaching skills were very effective at facilitating communication and accountability across the C-suite and virtually every leader who worked with her told us that they were better for it.

John Robison


Good Executive and Leadership coaches are hard to find. GREAT coaches are nearly impossible. Kathleen is one of the rare breed of focused, relevant, action and results-oriented executive coaches that makes a huge difference personally and for the entire leadership team.

Andrew Flachner

Co-founder & President

Kathleen served as our executive coach during a period of intense growth at RealScout, and we would not have navigated the tumultuous, high-velocity journey as smoothly without her guidance. As our organization matured and roles evolved, Kathleen was instrumental in developing our leadership team. She also served as a sounding board for difficult decisions.