What is executive coaching?

For executives and teams

Coaching is a one-to-one relationship in which the coach helps the client
identify, focus on, and achieve what is important to them—whatever it is.

The principles of coaching can also be extended to the development of
teams, to fine-tune a leadership style, and even to change the culture of an
entire organization.

Executive coaching is for anyone who leads from the C-suite, from a
management position, or individuals who may be leading from behind.

Team coaching helps team members build trust so that they can reliably
and competently achieve results.

Coaching for individuals

People often find themselves in a job that no longer challenges them or
brings them joy. Perhaps you’re seriously thinking of changing jobs or
professions. Or, maybe you know you’re ready for that next promotion, but
not sure the best way to get it. As an executive coach, I help people realize
their dreams. Through inspiration, alignment, and support, having a coach
helps you achieve what you know you can’t achieve on your own.

Team coaching

At Pathfinders, we help teams get beyond their issues, align their efforts, and learn to act as one. We use methods and tool sets that have proven their effectiveness in creating and sustaining high individual and team performance while making the work experience more satisfying and less frustrating.

Who might need a coach?

Coaches help people who are stuck and need help moving forward.
Pathfinders clients range from
C-level executives who need to hone their leadership skills and get
results from their teams;
Managers who need a supportive coach and strategic partner with
solid experience working in corporate environments. 
Individuals seeking to improve their performance and find
satisfaction in their careers;

Teams who sincerely want or need to work more effectively together

I’ve been fortunate to work with organizations large and small and have
seen some remarkable transformations happen.

All it takes is desire, commitment, sincerity, and practice.