Kathleen Doyle-White

Founder and President
Pathfinders Coaching

Tel & Fax: 503.296.9249

Scout Search Inc. & Pathfinders Coaching is a certified OMWESB (Oregon Minority Owned Emerging Small Business) located in Portland, Oregon.

About Kathleen

After many years as an executive recruiter and HR director in the SF Bay Area, I saw too many talented candidates fail – for reasons that were mostly due to toxicity in the environment, poor management, or underdeveloped communication skills. I decided to pivot toward coaching and focus my career on helping people and organizations get healthier.

We help teams get beyond their issues, align their efforts, and learn to act as one. We use methods and tool sets that have proven their effectiveness in creating and sustaining high individual and team performance while making the work experience more satisfying and less frustrating.

When an assignment calls for reinforcements, Pathfinders calls upon Kate Dwyer, business and career coach. Kate and Kathleen have worked together on coaching assignments since 2003 in close cooperation with a common set of tools and techniques. The Pathfinders methodology can scale nicely as the need arises. For more information on Ms. Dwyer, visit http://taprootcoaching.com/html/mybackground.html