May 13, 2007

Good day, team,

Over the past month, I’ve noticed some of my clients and friends have had long-held dreams come true. This has been gratifying to see. Each of us has dreams, and it’s wonderful to see our visions realized after many years of working toward them.

In one case, a friend recently purchased a home in France. She has been working toward this dream for more than 20 years. She started with a vision of what the house and surrounding property might look like. She thought about being able to walk to a lovely town somewhere in Central France where she could have her morning pastry and cafe au lait. She dreamed about growing lavender in her yard and watching the warm sun of the summer months light up her home. She envisioned her children and grandchildren visiting her in this lovely place, seated at a large wooden table filled with all the wonderful foods France has to offer along with good local wines. More than 20 years of dreaming, and now, it is a reality. Certainly, the dream is not complete yet. The house needs work and the property needs tending, but the dream is taking shape.

Her experience demonstrates the power of attraction at work in the world. That is, the more energy you put toward something, the more you get back. In this case, in the middle of working at an incredibly busy job, raising two children, and just trying to keep up with life’s daily challenges, my friend never gave up on her dream. Each year, she would find a way to go to France to immerse herself in the culture, discover new towns and areas she particularly liked, practice speaking the language, and make friends with the people. She found a way to a keep her dream alive.

In another case, a former client of mine has been steadily working toward growing a new business. For the past five years, he has invested his own money, slowly hired the right people, and continued to stay open-minded enough to be able to respond to new opportunities that the business has created. His original business plan has changed substantially, but by making consistent efforts and being able to change with market demands, he is attracting a new customer base that is helping to make the company successful.

Your challenge this week is to spend some time thinking about your dreams. Allow yourself to dream about what you’d love to do or where you’d like to go. Next, do one small thing to make the dream a reality. If you’ve always wanted to go on safari in Africa, spend some time researching tours on the Internet. If you’ve envisioned a vacation home on the coast or in the mountains, take a moment to draw your ideal house. If you find yourself dreaming about ways to improve your business, or your management style, look into courses you could take to make the improvements real.

Whatever it is, remember the power of attraction works in your favor the stronger your dream. And maybe the words from the song will encourage you: “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”

Have a great week!


Kathleen Doyle-White
Pathfinders Coaching
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