March 03, 2007

Good day, team,

When I was out for a walk the other morning, I could see the buds emerging on the trees. Meanwhile, the wind was blowing, sleet was falling, and there were alternate moments of bright sun and grey skies.

Such is the weather in Portland this time of year. It can be confusing: One day feels like spring and the next like the dead of winter. But the baby buds sprouting with new life reminded me of the essential qualities of spring: growth and production. After the sleepiness of winter and its tendency to make us want to hibernate, spring offers a time of new possibilities and opportunity. We are encouraged by the sight of daffodils blooming and trees regaining their foliage. However, we’re not quite there yet, and we may feel unsettled during times of seasonal transition.

In February and the beginning of March, I often feel stale and stuck. Part of me still wants to burrow in while another part wants to grow toward something new. I begin to feel like I need to clean something-for example, my cluttered garage. Spring does that: It inspires us to make room for new things, to get rid of the cobwebs, open the windows and let the fresh air in. Although we still find ourselves wanting to sit by the fire with a cup of tea, we can also begin to think about how we can make the best use of the new season that’s right around the corner.

Your challenge this week is to think about the coming of spring and decide what you can do to renew yourself. Maybe it’s as simple as cleaning out your desk at work or changing a process that’s become outdated and uninspiring. Maybe you’re moving or changing jobs or going on a trip. Why not use the coming of spring to re-energize youself so you can make the most of these changes?

These early months are also a great time to make plans for both spring and summer. Whatever you do, it’s time to wake up from the lethargy that winter often brings and like the daffodils, show up! Make a plan, clean a drawer, decide on a new direction: Use the energy of spring to revitalize your life.


Kathleen Doyle-White
Pathfinders Coaching
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