January 02, 2006

Good day Team,
I thought a good way to start out the New Year’s coach’s challenge would be to give you some useful information from an article a read recently in the Harvard Business Review.

The name of the article is “Radical Change, The Quiet Way”, by Debra Meyerson. Here are some key points from the article.

How do you bring about constructive change within your work environment? If you push your agenda too hard, resentment builds against you. If you remain silent, resentment builds inside you. Myerson suggests that you become a /tempered radical/ – an informal leader who quietly challenges prevailing wisdom and provokes cultural transformation. Tempered radicals embody contrasts. They yearn for rapid change, but trust in patience. They often work alone, yet unite others. Rather than pressing their agendas, they start conversations. And instead of battling powerful foes, they seek powerful friends.

Here are some of the tactics tempered radicals use:

*Disruptive self-expression* – demonstrate your values through your language, dress, office decor, or behavior. People notice and talk – often becoming brave enough to try the change themselves. The more people talk, the greater the impact.

*Verbal jujitsu* – redirect negative statements or actions into positive change.
Variable-term opportunism* – Be ready to capitalize on unexpected opportunities for short-term change, as well as orchestrate deliberate, longer term change.
Strategic alliance building* – gain clout by working with allies. Enhance your legitimacy and implement change more quickly and directly than you could alone. Don’t make “opponents” enemies – they’re often your best source of support and resources.

Your challenge this week is to try using one of these tactics. I hope they help you start the new year with a different perspective and a new approach.

Have a great week!


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