December 7, 2008

Good day, team,

I noticed that over the past few months I’ve been encouraging you to experiment with ways of doing things. In that spirit, this challenge is an experiment. I’ve never added a link to any of my challenges before, so I’m eager to find out if this works. Feedback, please!

I’m sending you a link below that I hope you can all access.  You may have to copy it into your browser directly to do so.

Your challenge this week is embedded within the video.  For each of you, it’s an opportunity to see whatever in this message strikes a chord with you, enlightens you, frightens you or educates you.

Whatever it is, spend some time this week reflecting on the message and how it affects you. I myself was overcome to realize how we are all so connected, how fast the world is moving and, in the midst of it all, how important it is for me to pay attention.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Doyle-White
Pathfinders Coaching
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