December 12, 2004

Good morning Team,

The coach’s challenge of the week is about letting things be as they are and not trying to make everything perfect. This weekend I found myself rushing from place to place, struggling to do Christmas shopping, working on preparing my house for the holidays, sending out Christmas cards, making lists about people and stuff so I don’t forget anyone at Christmas, trying to fit business meetings, projects, and Holiday engagements all into the same two week period and making sure I get all the out of town family member’s packages in the mail by this week! Finally, by Sunday afternoon I just stopped and asked myself, “is this really the way I want to spend another Christmas and New Years?” Every year I do this, and every year I’m pretty much exhausted by the time January 2 rolls around. So, today I decided that my challenge for this next two weeks is to just let things develop the way they will and to try not to make everything perfect.

The Holidays usually bring lots of extra stress and pressure to all of us and yet, this is the time of year when we are supposed to be feeling, love, joy and peace. At least that’s what all the Christmas cards say! I wonder how it would be if I could just sail through the next few weeks feeling free of any major obligations and I was simply able to enjoy the spirit of the season with my family and friends.

My challenge is to let it be. Let each day come and unfold itself as it is meant to be. Perhaps I can allow myself to enjoy these days of celebration with peace and love as my guiding principles instead of getting stressed out and irritated by everything I have to get done. I hope to give more than I receive this Christmas and to enjoy it for what it’s worth; the simple act of giving to me and others a little kindness and good cheer.

“People are happier at Yuletide because they take the milk of human kindness out of the deep freeze.” Arnold Glasow

Have a great week!


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