August 09, 2004

Good morning Team,

The coaches challenge of the week is to follow your intuition. Have you ever
been in a meeting where everyone is acting as if they’re in agreement, but
you know they’re not? Have you inquired into the health of a good friend and
when they told you they were fine, you knew they were not? Have you known
the phone was about to ring and then it does? Intuition is knowing what you
know without knowing how you know it. It comes as gut feeling, as words, as
images in a dream, as pictures in your mind. You feel certainty in a way
that doesn’t lend itself to logical, rational explanation.

Intuition speaks from silence. You’ll find that when you’re deeply in the
flow of things, intuition and synchronicity engage in dance together:
intuition is often confirmed by synchronicity, and synchronicity can lead
you to further intuitive insights. Some people consider intuition to be the
unconscious knowing surfacing into consciousness; some say it is information
picked up through the five senses below the level of conscious awareness.

Whatever intuition is, it is a wonderful tool that helps us know the truth
about a situation. Learn to trust it. It gives new levels of perception into
the world we think we live in.

If you’d like more information about intuition or you’d like some practical
suggestions for being able to experience it more often, let me know. I’ll
send you more information.

Have a great week!


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