April 28, 2008

Here is a challenge from the archives that seems appropriate again.

Good Day, Team,

The coach’s challenge for the week is inspired by a quote from Albert

Einstein: “A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness in

which it occurs.”

The challenge this week is to consider one problem you’re currently

dealing with and find a completely different way to solve it. To

create new ways of doing things, we have to think very differently

about possible solutions. This requires us to actually “see”

differently, that is, we must be able to look at our difficulties with

a completely different perspective in order to create new solutions to


One of the great benefits of working on a team is that you can ask a

team member how she or he views a situation. In asking for another’s

point of view, we gain a different perspective, and this allows us to

see something in a new way. This then enables us to also seek a

different solution.

Changing your environment can alter your perspective, too. How often

have you found yourself sitting at your desk laboring over possible

solutions to a problem, just to find that your mind is continuing to

circle around the same solutions you’ve already tried that aren’t

working? If at that moment you decide to get up and take a short walk

outside, you can easily change your state of mind and have access to

more creative thoughts. It’s as though the cobwebs have cleared, and

you can literally see the problem and possible solutions in a different


Try experimenting this week with different ways to solve a problem. If

you’re able to allow an outside influence to alter the way you see a

problem, you may find the right solution.

Have a great week!