April 26, 2004

Good morning Team,
Here is the coaches challenge for the week.

Try maintaining balance in your life. The ancient chinese symbols of “Yin and Yang” represent the balance that is inherent in the nature of all things; passive and active, female and male, receiving and giving, soft and hard. Each day, we are given the opportunity to maintain balance so that we can deal with what confronts us with a clear head and an open heart. It is this “balance” between work and play, team members and family members, activity and rest, that gives us the equilibrium we need to maintain a steady course through our daily lives.

And… don’t forget to take time for your Self. We often forget that a large part of maintaining balance is by providing time just for ourselves. My Grandmother used to say, “I was born with myself and I’ll die with myself. I think I’ll get to know myself in the years inbetween.” Try spending some good, qualilty time with yourself this week. Do something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Doyle
Scout Search & Pathfinders Coaching
2839 NE Hoyt St. Portland, OR 97232
+1 503 296-9249 www.scoutsearch.net

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